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StALeR 15 – Stargate RPG Playthrough! (yeah, I know…)

Remember that promise about this week being the start of ‘Allegiance”?

Yeah, I’m about to break it.


Turns out this last week was not, for whatever reason, conducive to re-reading and typing up my review.


This just so happens to be the week that started with the fabulous Stargate peeps playing the Stargate RPG, so….

We’re going to talk about that a very little because it’s quite late and I have a full day tomorrow that I need sleep for.

And the video is SO worth watching and enjoying on its own that unless I was willing to make ya’ll suffer through a tome of a review, I’ll sing peeps praises and let you watch for yourselves.

The video (found here ) lasted just shy of 3 hours so I would of course suggest you bring a drink and snack before sitting down to watch it!

It is fantastically fun and the fact that it was some of the Stargate peeps’ first time playing this type of game was fabulous because it gave us a chance to learn alongside them.

This preview of the game is just wonderful. I can’t express how excited I am to play and how cool it was to be able to contribute to the Kickstarter for it.

(if you missed last weeks post here’s the link for the Kickstarter. There should be about 9 days left still.

Also, fair warning, you’ll be laughing a LOT!!

Again, the fact that some of our peeps don’t know what’s going on makes it hilarious and so relatable because that was ME when I first joined my sister to play Pathfinder!!

The Wyvern Gaming people were awesome and our host David was just as awesome for setting this up for everyone!

I suggest watching the video to get an idea of how the game is played (since it’s a Living game) and then watching some of the interviews that David and Dial the Gate have done. There’s quite a list for the interviews along with a great amount of other Stargate content that you’ll love if you’ve ever enjoyed the series.

The banter between the actors was funny and I even caught (and understood) some of the references! (‘the cake is a lie’)

Having not watched Stargate Universe yet, I don’t know how many of the actors worked with each other, but they certainly seemed to have a good report here. So yeah, the back-and-forth was what kept me in stitches.

I really wish I had been able to watch live, alas I worked yesterday and could not.

Not actually a bad thing because I can rewind if I ever miss something and pause if I need time to digest what’s happening.

I’m signing off now because even rereading what I’ve gotten so far doesn’t sound coherent, but I can’t focus to figure out how to fix it.

A thousand apologies and I’ll most likely make a better version of this post and release it later this week if I don’t just do my usual and make it next week’s post.

We shall get back to our regularly scheduled book reviews soon…quite, soon.


And don’t forget to vote!

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