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I’m back and better than ever!

Hello worlds!

Been awhile hasn’t it?

Well, you will all be glad to hear that I am back and better than ever. I may have been idle here in The Dark Library, but that has not been so out in the worlds. I’ve been working pretty hard the last several months especially to get things ready for 2020.

Over 200 new, unedited, prompt shorts will be arriving here. The plan is for one a week to make its way to the shelves. A new layout for The Library as well since it’s been some time since the shelves have been deep cleaned so keep your eyes peeled.

Please not literally though. I can never get the stains out.

For now though, be assured that I am continuing my work to chronicle the many exploits that have been relayed to me by various and sultry.

I mean sundry. ^_^’

I will tell ya’ll that as of an hour ago I have a total of 9,226 words written in the first two days of NaNoWriMo. Only 40,774 to go to claim another win, though I’m not sure how many left to the end of the story.

Those of you wondering, it’s a Beauty and the Beast retelling like you’ve never read. The ones who told me about this world were a part of it a long time ago. This particular story happened awhile ago, but I liked it too much to pass it up.

It’s late for me so I’ll log off.

Don’t forget that if you ever need a place to rest and recover from what’s going on out there in the worlds, The Dark Library is always open.






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