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Last day of 2015!

Being the last day of 2015 I didn’t want to leave the blog empty, so here I am again! 

Did you miss me? 😉

This year a lot happened. Some good, some bad, some headache inducing and some that just left us all ‘meh’. 

For me, I got good grades in school (I’m in my last year before transfering to a 4yr. Woot!), had to use so much of my savings for emergency situations that crept up its scary, wrote a short story, and finished my Goodreads challenge(thought it was a close thing). 

Next year I’m planning to start my own shop on Etsy, attend the Feverborn party in NOLA, and have a blast in Ireland when I go for study abroad. (Amongst other things, of course).

I hope and pray that whatever plans everyone else has that they are successful! 

All the best in the new year peeps!

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