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Merry Christmas to me!!

So, I have decided to branch out from just posting book reviews to blogging about book related stuff and seeing as how it’s Christmas and all, I thought I would share what I got for Christmas this year. ^_^   

Please keep in mind that 99% of my prezzie list is made up of books. Shall we begin? 

  • Mini m&m’s,
  • Down the Rabbit Hole by J.D. Robb, 
  • regular m&m’s,
  • Feel the Burn by G.A. Aiken, 
  • Oreo cookie sticks ‘n creme dip(soooo addictive!), 
  • Blood Kiss by J.R. Ward, 
  • Life cereal(don’t ask), 
  • About a Vampire by Lynsay Sands, 
  • a candy cane full of Hershey’s kisses, 
  • Bound to Darkness by Lara Adrian, 
  • a Snickers tree bar, 
  • Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews, 
  • Whitman’s sampler of assorted chocolates, 
  • Too Hit to Touch by Lora Leigh, 
  • one 1.45 oz Hershey’s kisses, 
  • Nauti Seductress by Lora Leigh, 
  • 7 pocket tissue packs, 
  • Some Lycan Hot by Michele Bardsley, 
  • a Starbucks gift card, 
  • You’ll Understand When You’re Dead by Michele Bardsley, 
  • an iTunes gift card, 
  • The Mammoth book of Wolfmen edited by Stephen Jones,
  • an Amazon gift card, 
  • Cryptozoology A to Z by Loren Coleman & Jerome Clark, 
  • 10 issues of My Little Pony micro-series, 
  • 20 issues of MLP: FiM, 
  • 5 issues of MLP Friends Forever 
  • and the MLP annual 2013 issue. (All MLP prezzies were from my little brother!! He knows me so well) 

If you see a pattern with my prezzies than you will understand how well my family knows me. Not only did they give me LOTS of books to read, but they also made sure that I would have plenty of noms as well…they won’t see me for days!
Merry Christmas everyone! May God keep you safe always! 

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