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Review: The Shadow Runners

The Shadow Runners
The Shadow Runners by Liz Maverick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Awesome book!!! I loved it to pieces!

Deck has a purpose. To get the Voice of Freedom up and running in Australia and rally the people to fight behind Banzai MacGuire when the time comes.

The only problem is that Deck is former Royalty and doesn’t have the know-how to get around the prison Australia has become, but he knows someone who does.

Jenny Red met Deck before he was accused of killing his father, the King. And despite all the rules they became friends, until Jenny’s father killed the King and Deck did nothing as she was sent to Australia as a convict.

Now he’s back and needs her help.

Deck might be happy to see her but his dedication to the Shadow Voice is terrifying in it’s intensity and Jenny fell for him once already and he let her down.

Is history going to repeat itself or will Deck let the fight go to be with the one woman he’s always dreamed of?

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