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Review: Gone Country

Gone Country
Gone Country by Lorelei James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Loved it!

Gavin doesn’t know what to do about his daughter Sierra. He has the choice of letting her go to jail for theft or taking her away from everything she knows and moving to be closer to the McKay’s.

So he packs up and they head out.

Rielle has been renting her house from Gavin since he bailed her out of trouble years ago. Now he’s coming and expects to stay at the house with his teenage daughter.

Things are about to get good.

With Rielle’s new hair and wardrobe (curtesy of her daughter Rory) Gavin doesn’t recognize her at first but the attraction is still there. Only problem is that he shouldn’t be feeling this way towards his renter, should he?

Trying to keep the heat banked so their daughters don’t find out is getting tougher by the day and when the girls do find out they are not happy. At all.

Will Gavin and Rielle go their seperate ways to keep the peace with there daughters? Or will they risk it all to be together?

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