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The Mane Event by Shelly Laurenston

Christmas Pride: Mace Llewellyn wants Desiree ‘Dez’ MacDermot bad. He can’t get enough of her. She’s so, so, feisty! Mace has had a thing for Dez since he first met her and now that he’s no longer a Navy SEAL he wants everything she’s got! The only problem? She’s a dog person and he’s, well… a cat.  A lion to be specific.  Oh, and his sisters can’t stand Dez.  And there’s a murdering shifter on the loose.  And… well you get the idea.  So how’s Mace supposed to win Dez over?  Easy.  By being his usual charming self!  But will it be enough?

Shaw’s Tail: Ronnie Lee Reed has a problem.  A BIG problem.  Somehow she got roped into watching over Brendon Shaw.  Beaten black and blue, the poor lion shifter needs someone to care for him.  At least it’s an easy enough job.  Until he wakes up.  Now he seems hell bent on seducing the poor Tennessean.  The poor wolf Tennessean.  Dogs and cats don’t mix, so what makes Brendon think that lions and wolves could?  Simple.  Brendon knows what he wants.  And this is one kitty that’ll do anything to get the woman of his dreams.  No matter what it takes…

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