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Jane’s Warlord by Angela Knight

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like being bait for a sociopath.

Jack the Ripper is a time traveling killer and he’s just targeted Jane Colby as his next victim.  Thankfully Jane has a protector, Baran Arvid.

Baran is a genetically engineered Warlord from 300 years in the future.  He and his wolf companion, Freika, have been sent back to keep Jane from being killed and to catch her killer.  It’s a mission like any other.  Except that Baran can’t seem to follow the orders he was given.  He was ordered to keep her safe from a distance!  And to NOT show himself for any reason!

He’s usually so good at following orders.

But not only does he show himself to her, he also tells her where and when he’s from, who’s after her, and as the piece de resistance he informs her that after the Ripper gets through with her, the only thing left is blood.  Baran should know.  He’s read the history books trying to find a way around it.  And you can’t change history… can you?

Join the adventure of the month and see how it all ends!

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