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Big Fat Supernatural Wedding edited by P.N. Elrod

In this fascinating wedding anthology, the top supernatural writers of our time have joined together to give us a look into how a wedding would be if the attendees were something other than human…

From a wedding on a cursed ship, and a wedding hosting warring families, to a bride who literally turns into a monster once a month, to the uncompromising love between an immortal warrior and his human protector, these stories bring to light the interesting ways that all-powerful beings-of-the-night handle the crises’ that weddings come with. (And a few problems that don’t!)

These fantastic paranormal short stories are just the thing to lighten your day and they’re just the beginning!! As everyone knows, the party doesn’t start until the honeymoon! The stories continue in ‘My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon’.

And if you liked the stories in these books or if you just want to read a book truly appropriate for this spooky month, that’s full of humor and suspense, twists and turns, romance and happy endings, check out the round display table located after the ‘New Books’ tables. Or just ask for Brianna, if I am available I would be more than happy to help everyone find the perfect October read.

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