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1-800-Where-R-You by Meg Cabot

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. But it is a choice that every one has to make some day. That day has come for Jessica Mastriani. One day while walking home from detention, Jess was struck by lightning. But instead of dying, Jess ends up with a super power! Well. Kind of. It isn’t exactly super, but it is a power.

When Jess goes to sleep, she dreams of the locations of two children who’d been missing for years. She knows they’re missing because their pictures were on the back of the milk carton from last night. The 1-800-WHERE-R-U phone number on the back of the carton just begs Jess to call and tell someone about the kids. So while at school the next day she calls and tells the lady on the other end where they could find them.

Simple right? The kids are found and no one knows she’s the one who called. Except of course the FBI… and the United States military… and the media… Now everybody wants her help. People are sitting outside her home, the news vans are following her, even when she goes to the military base she isn’t given a moment of peace. What is she supposed to do!? Jess can’t stand all of the attention and the pressure her new powers have come with. She just wishes they would all go away: the media, the people, the FBI, she even wishes her powers would disappear! Her life would be so much better. Or would it?

Follow Jess as she first starts out finding missing people and murderers in her own home town, to fighting in Afghanistan and eventually finding her way back home.

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