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Nightwalker by Jocelyn Drake

Mira has been a vampire for hundreds of years. Her job is to keep the other nightwalkers safe and in line. So, when a well known hunter is spotted in her territory, Mira decides to hunt him down before he can get to her…

Danaus has been a hunter for as long as he can remember. Ridding the world of the nightwalker evil, his life is a solitary one and he likes it that way.

Until he meets Mira.

For an evil bloodsucker she’s not half bad. Funny, smart, and good looking, Mira makes it very hard for Danaus to kill her.

So, what’s a hunter to do when his prey keeps saving his life and making him want to laugh?

Try again and again until he gets it right!

Find out what happens in this great series by Jocelyn Drake. There are five titles in the series so far!

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