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Dark Lover by J.R. Ward

Most days Love sucks.

At least for Beth Randall it does. Beth just found out that her father, Darius, was a vampire. ‘Was’ as in past tense, because apparently he’s now dead and has left her everything. Including genes that will turn her into a blood sucking monster like he was! That is, if she survives the change.

Enter Wrath.

Wrath is the ‘King’ of the vampires and Beth’s dad was a close friend. Before Darius died he asked Wrath to help his daughter through the change but Wrath refused. However, after Darius’ death Wrath felt honor bound to at least tell Beth what was about to happen to her.

But some days Love can change your whole world…

There’s no doubt Wrath and Beth have something, when they’re near each other lightning strikes. But with an enemy bent on destroying the vampire race and their own emotional baggage can they really make things work?

Join in the ever-present fun and excitement of the Black Dagger Brotherhood as they find their better halves in these books: Lover Eternal, Lover Awakened, Lover Revealed, Lover Unbound, Lover Enshrined and the 7th in the series, Lover Avenged!! Coming April 28th.

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