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Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klaus

Vivian is a werewolf. And someone wants her dead…

Vivian and her Pack have had to start life over in Maryland and it hasn’t been easy. After the death of her father, the Pack Alpha, the young werewolves have been out of line and causing trouble left and right. At first it was just little things. The guys would stalk young women at night and give them a little scare or they would change and run through the town howling. Then they murdered a girl. Then another. And another…

It’s clear the Pack has been too long without an Alpha. Now, Challenge has been called and all of the males will fight for the right to be the new Alpha. Will it be one of Vivian’s friends? Or will it be the dangerous Gabriel? And what is Vivian to do about her human boyfriend? She has to tell him what she is. He’ll understand. After all, he loves her. Right?

Things are changing. With the body count swiftly rising, the Pack has started suspecting one of their own. Did Vivian really kill all those people? The question is…If you can’t trust your own Pack, Who can you trust?

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