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Review: The Power of Two

The Power of Two
The Power of Two by Patti O’Shea
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series is awesome, as a whole and as individual books. I loved the concept, in this book, of the two main characters being able to communicate ‘telepathically’ using nano computers in their brains. I especially loved that Cai could kick butt on her own but still relied on Jacob to have her back. Great pairing and story!!

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Born of Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Nykyrian Quiakides was the best assassin the League ever had, than one night he disobeyed orders and disappeared. Years later the most feared assassin, Nemesis, rescues the daughter of a high powered politician.

Kiara Zamir doesn’t know what to make of the dangerously seductive man who’s rescued her. On the one hand she’s terrified and repulsed by the known murderer. But on the other, she sees something in his eyes that makes her believe that just maybe he isn’t as bad as they say.

Now the two of them are on the run from the League and if they don’t start trusting each other very quickly, they’ll find themselves worse than dead. Racing all over the Ichidian Universe, Kiara and Nemesis will find trouble around every planet. And the new love they have will be tested time and again.

With cool clothes, wicked weapons, and hot hunks this book is one of a kind and a wonderful read!  Enjoy!!

This is Sherrilyn Kenyon’s first book in her newest series. The ‘League’ series is a must read for fans of Kenyon! It is entirely different from her other series’. It’s sort of a mix between Sci-fi, Fantasy, a little Romance, and a lot of attitude!!  And if you’ve never read anything by Kenyon, don’t worry you’ll love the book anyways!

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Tron by Brian Daley

So, the first book I read in 2012 was Tron by Brian Daley, the original movie’s novelization.

At first it was just an interesting read and I felt like I was getting a little bit more of the world, but it was still just another movie novelization.  The writing style felt weird (the book was written a couple of years before I was born) and that probably didn’t help matters much.  The flow of words felt outdated and strange to me, but I continued to read.

I’m actually really glad that I kept going, because even though I felt like I had gone back in time writing wise, the story gets REALLY good.  Right around the time that Tron meets up with Yori, the story picks up pace and doesn’t slow down until the very last sentence.

I enjoyed the extra details about Tron’s fights with the Memory Guard on the solar sailor and the way the author described Flynn saving Yori’s life on Sark’s Carrier had me both worried and relieved that Yori would be OK and wondering why Flynn couldn’t have figured his powers out in time to save RAM (I love RAM) *cries*

In conclusion:  At times, I felt like I’d traveled back in time and was reading something from the dark ages, BUT, even having to deal with an outdated style of writing, I found myself thoroughly enjoying this book.  It gives the reader a sneak peak into everything we all know was going on in the background, but that they just couldn’t fit into the movie.