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StALeR 52 – Legacy: Inheritors (Part 2)

I’m not done with the book yet but I really wanted to put something not necessarily good out there for consideration.

Teyla pretends to be Steelflower and it’s helped both Atlantis and Guide over the years. However, I’ve always had a problem with the fact that Teyla doesn’t actually care about the Wraith.

I’m not saying she’s necessarily wrong in putting her family first, but to continually screw the Wraith over (even after she starts seeing them as individuals and people) essentially for her own purposes is not the best indication of character.

Why do I bring this up?

Guide isn’t willing to help against Death until Hyperion’s weapon is destroyed.

Which is completely understandable considering he’s just gotten his daughter back after thinking she was dead for decades (I can’t remember the actual number) and he has people who rely on him to keep them safe and fed.

Alabaster is of the same mind but is new to a Hive again and not technically the Hive’s Queen. That would be Steelflower.

Teyla suggests that Guide stays on Atlantis and she accompanies Alabaster to the Hive. Essentially they’re each other’s hostages until the weapon can be found.

Btw, it’s missing. I’ll get to that next week.

With no guarantee they’ll actually go through with the destruction of the weapon Guide tells his fleet to hold position a few hours away from Atlantis.

Now, here’s where my problem with Teyla begins.

She’s planning on setting Alabaster against her father. Guide commands in the absence of his Queen, but his daughter is now aboard so obviously as a Queen her word is law over her fathers’. (Kind of yes and kind of no. More later on that)

I get being afraid for your people, it’s exactly why Guide told his people to stay put, but it’s not what Teyla wants and so she goes behind his back intending to manipulate his daughter into doing what she wants.

In the end that’s not what happens because Ember let’s them know about a message sent from the Hive that indicates a traitor. Teyla and Alabaster scheme together so that they can get the fleet into position in time regardless of Guide’s wishes.

I don’t fault them for that decision because it was the only way either group would survive.

Planning on using his own daughter against him, however, when she saw how affected he was that she was alive and that he had a grandson, is a very cruel thing to do.

I really do need to tally up the losses between the two sides because I’m pretty sure Guide’s on the losing end and has sacrificed more for the alliance than Atlantis has.

Anyways, back to the book! See y’all next week!

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